• Image of 10C Temari 7.5cm diameter: COCHINEAL & INDIGO

10 combination division Temari

Size: D7.6cm C24cm
Made with: rice husk and naturally dyed cotton thread
Colours from Fresh indigo (Base) & Cochineal (guidline)

Designed for Temari making, Interior decoration, Christmas bauble


サイズ:直径7.6cm 円周24cm
染め素材: 藍生葉(土台)/コチニール(地割線)


*Keep in shadow, Avoiddirect sun. 日陰で保管し直射日光を避けてください。
*Please be aware before purchase that possible colour unevenness or fade are what we consider is delightful character of natural dye. 若干の色ムラ、色あせも風合いとしてお楽しみください。

*please also read T&C(ENG) at the bottom of this page for more information.